Air conditioner and related spare parts wholesale / supply store, we do offer air conditioner installation, repair, and chemical overhaul services.
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We recommend this overhaul chemical cleaning service especially for airconds that have not been cleaned or serviced in a long time. This comprehensive cleaning method includes cleaning of the condenser coil, blower wheel and blade, condensate water drainage system, as well as a thorough chemical cleaning of the indoor and outdoor unit.
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Aircond installation as known as air conditioner installation service is needed if you have bought a brand new aircond or moving it between different location. Let us guide you through the value of a standard aircond installation service in Malaysia, in addition to the item and service information involved so you could make a better decision in choosing the proper vendor.
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Are you feeling that your aircond is having some troubling issues or already went faulty? Just contact us. Our team will respond as soon as possible and will provide you the best air conditioner repair service you need.
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“We apprehend the essence of customer’s needs, be it residential or commercial, our professional technicians apply the equal attention and stringent SOP’s on each project our clients entrust us with.”

Our crew of air conditioner technicians are managed strictly to ensure punctuality and to provide the highest quality service. Our pricing and air conditioner service are transparent. There are no hidden charges and our workforce are incentivized to provide high-quality air conditioner service. Additionally, we also have strict SOP in place to ensure we offer continuously excellent air conditioner service to our customers.

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Our Top Notch Services

You can get to know about our top notch services from the links below.

Air Conditioner Cleaning

Cleaning Indoor & Outdoor by Chemical, Clean Drainage Pipe, Compressor Health Check, Refrigerant 20 PSI Top-up if Needed & Indoor Cooling Temperature Check

Air Conditioner Installation

Free up to 10ft of wiring, copper, insulation and water pipe. Gas refill (R22 Gas up to 20PSI). 30 days
Workmanship Warranty

Air Conditioner Repair

Clear Clogging In Drainage, Repair Broken Joints, Inspect Indoor Unit Drainage Tray

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Our group of air conditioner professionals is managed strictly to ensure punctual and first-class air conditioner service. Our pricing is transparent with no hidden charges. We cautiously source and train our group of air conditioner specialists to make sure a consistent level of understanding and quality. We standardized our air conditioner services and have preferred working methods in place to ensure consistent top notch air conditioner service.

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More than 15 years of experience in Air Conditioning & Electrical industry.

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More than 8 years of experience in Air Conditioner sales and servicing industry.

Assistant Operation Manager

Young, energetic & enthusiastic team member. Our top notch in after sales and service follow ups.

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Here are some reviews about our air conditioner service from our previous customers. We always prioritize what our customer needs. That’s how within a short time we have achieved 95% client satisfaction and we also have a large number of returning customers for their further air conditioner servicing.

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