Air Conditioner Cleaning

Cleaning your aircond is essential to enhance the air quality on your premises. Most allergies at home may be traced back to dirty aircond filters. This service fits both house airconds and industrial units, as it applies to wall and cassette/ceiling units.

Service Details :

We suggest Chemical Overhaul Cleaning Service especially for airconds which have not been cleaned or serviced in a long time. This complete cleaning method consists of cleaning of the condenser coil, blower wheel and blade, condensate water drainage system, as well as an intensive chemical cleaning of the indoor and outdoor unit. We will be dismantling the unit and washing aircond components with chemicals to get rid of the dirt and filth from the water tray.

Our aircond specialists will also perform an inspection and fitness test of thermostats and outdoor compressor, and flushing of drainage piping and drain pan. Moreover, we will make sure that the total clearance of clog while checking and testing electrical parts and components. It enables to keep your electricity bill grounded because there will be much less building up that interrupts the airflow.

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Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, Selangor & Putrajaya.

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Air Conditioner Cleaning Service

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